Baby Name Stamp Seal DIY Gift

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100cm tape
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1pcs Stamp oil
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The stamp comes with full stamp oil inside.You only need to buy the

style you like, and tell me the name + pattern number.

100cm tape: It is used for black clothes, fix it on the clothes with an iron, you can use the seal on the black clothes.
1pcs Stamp oil:Used to replenish when the ink is used up.

How to custom stamp?

order notes,
write the name+pattern.
for example: Name+2

Ordering instructions:

1. All languages are supported.
2. Please provide the name and style you want proactively after placing the order!important!
3. If you don’t tell me your name within 3 days, I will enter the recipient’s last name.
4. The separately purchased stamp comes with full ink in it, which can be used many times without having to buy ink.
5. Because it is a customized product, we do not accept returns.


1. Suitable for kindergarten, twin family, can be printed on clothes, water cups, towels, school bags, cups, books and other places.
2. The ink is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it can be stamped repeatedly about 1000 times, and then washed after 24 hours, it will not fade
3. Dark clothes can use the printing tape.

Instructions for use:

1. After receiving the seal, don't rush to print it on the clothes, print it twice on the paper first, and use it after the handwriting is clear.
2. When using the stamp, the pressing force should not be too heavy or too light, and the pressing time should not be too short or too long. You can practice on paper first
3. For the maintenance of the seal, please close the cover and place it vertically when not in use.
4. Please be careful when printing. In case of wrong printing, you can use alcohol to clean it several times.

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