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    Baby First Walking Sock Shoes

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    Baby First Walking Sock Shoes Overview: 

    The perfect footwear companion for your little one's first steps! Crafted with utmost care and designed with your baby's comfort and safety in mind, these sock shoes are an excellent choice for early walkers.


    • Soft and Flexible Material: Our sock shoes are made from gentle, soft materials that provide a snug fit without compromising on flexibility, allowing your baby's tiny feet to move naturally and comfortably. 
    • Non-Slip Sole: The non-slip sole provides the necessary traction to help prevent accidental slips and falls as your baby starts exploring their world on two feet.

    • Easy On-Off Design: The stretchy, slip-on design ensures effortless putting on and taking off, making dressing your baby a breeze.
    • Breathable and Lightweight: The breathable fabric keeps your baby's feet cool and comfortable, while the lightweight design prevents any hindrance to their natural movements.
    • Cute and Stylish Designs: Our Baby First Walking Sock Shoes come in a variety of adorable patterns and colors, perfect for showcasing your baby's budding personality.

    • Gentle on Baby's Skin: The fabric used is gentle and free from any harmful substances, ensuring the utmost care for your baby's sensitive skin.
    • Support for Developing Feet: Designed to provide gentle support to your baby's developing feet and arches, aiding them as they take their first steps.

    Encourage and support your baby as they embark on this exciting journey of learning to walk with our Baby First Walking Sock Shoes. Order now and let your little one step out in style and comfort!

    Size Information:

    Size 4.5 inch      (Sole Length 11.5 cm),  18-19 size,  suit for 0-6M baby,   feet length: 10-11 cm

    Size  5 inch    (Sole Length 12.5 cm) ,  20-21 size, suit for 6-12 M baby, feet length: 11-12 cm

    Size 5.5 inch   (Sole Length 13.5 cm),   22-23 size, suit for 12-18 M baby,   feet length: 12-13 cm

    Size 6 inch      (Sole Length 14.5 cm),  24-25 size,  suit for 18-24 M baby,   feet length: 13-14 cm

    Size 6.5 inch   (Sole Length 15.5 cm), 26-27 size, suit for 24-36 M baby,  feet length: 14-15 cm